To work happily, work in PR

In my opinion, Public Relations, known as PR, is the most interesting practice in mass the communication field simply for these three reasons. Crisis Management helping to resolve a crisis. Management reputations ensures good things are being said about a client. Launching campaigns is a great due to networking.

PR is an job that is always changing. You’ll spend time fixing  problems. Every organization has problems. Sadly, this problems are sometimes caused by the organization’s ideas, products, or services. In PR you get to use your imagination to solve issues making everyone happy, “the sky is the limit.” Many kids have wanted to be police officers. Public Relations will enable you to become a leader; you can become a reputation police. As a police officer you are monitoring for crime; as a public relations practitioner you are monitoring your brand’s reputation. Who doesn’t like to make new friends? Meeting new people and interacting with different publics is part of a daily routine in PR. We all love the idea of  launching a campaign to promote ideas, products, services, and to telling others about it in different media outlets. The most important fact about launching and managing a campaign is the immense networking opportunity that you’ll have. You we will be interacting with journalists, producers, the Csuite, and many others that can help grow your career. Your day will be spent fixing problems or preventing future crisis that can damaged your organization’s reputation. Doesn’t that sounds like a fun day at work?  Don’t forget that television/movies portrays PR in a party setting, but the reality is that most of the time you’ll do all these activities in writing.

10 Fun Facts About Working in PR

The 10 Steps of Crisis Communication


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